December 5, 2022

Announcing Skysoclear, a new agency supporting businesses with no-code

I’m announcing Skysoclear, my new agency that supports businesses move into a more data-led future, with no code technology.
Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Founder and CEO, Skysoclear
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For the past 15 years, I have helped businesses deliver new products from idea to launch. In more recent years, I’ve demonstrated this in the 200+ Design Sprints that I’ve run with companies from NatWest to McKinsey & Company. This, all coming from a largely self-taught background in digital design.

Since my work with Google on improving design with data late last year, I’ve been obsessed to understand how data can reduce, and even remove one element of the design process that frankly baffles me: Guesswork!

This comes at a time when No Code technology is reaching wider popularity. I believe there’s a philosophy attached to it, that has its roots in the prototyping mindset of design. The killer now is that you can build production-ready prototypes and launch them. No longer are we validating within a simulation as Jason Fried calls it — we can go from idea to launch better, faster and more efficiently than ever..

That, paired with a desire to build a business from scratch, leads me to this moment where I’m announcing Skysoclear, my new agency that supports businesses move into a more data-led future, with no code technology.

I believe that we are still in the infancy of the web and I want us to contribute to moving the product design practice forwards.

Growing into a new space

I was talking to Andy Budd about this business idea recently and together, we realised that moving from design sprints to no-code is quite the shift! I’d made my name with design sprints, in-person and remote (especially over COVID) and with 200+ case studies in my back pocket, shifting towards an area where I really am a beginner is both daunting and exciting.

You see, the key thing that brought me to design sprints was about following step-by-step instructions, building within constraints and building up product ideas. Gone were the lengthy conversations about how we should approach a project, or putting a steering group together that would meet for 1 hour each week. In came the pragmatic conversations, rapid decision making and prototyping with real validation, in a recipe that over time, made me more of an expert. And it was exciting!

That’s what I’m bringing into Skysoclear: Clarity in the face of ambiguity and the ability to get to done better than ever. Prototypes become MVPs. Assumption makes way for data-led direction. The lag between validated prototype and MVP in the market becomes significantly reduced.

Skysoclear builds launchable products with a no-code approach. If this sounds good to you, we’d love to talk.