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March 2023
Financial services

Building the unified data layer of tomorrow

Sikoia's leadership team recognised a critical need for design expertise to elevate their existing proof of concept to the next level. They sought a creative team capable of not only refining and enhancing current features, but also conceptualising and developing new functionalities.

The challenge then was to ensure that these advancements would seamlessly integrate with the existing framework while significantly improving the user experience and expanding the product's capabilities. This need underscored the importance of a strategic design approach that could bridge the gap between Sikoia's ambitious vision and the practical execution needed to bring these innovations to life.


Designing for growth at pace

As Sikoia's first design resource, we spearheaded the UX/UI design efforts, beginning with a comprehensive discovery workshop to fully understand and challenge the problem space. This initial phase was crucial in determining the focus areas that would yield the most significant product improvements. We then moved into a creative phase, ideating and designing solutions that were directly tested with users to gauge success from a user-centric perspective.

This iterative process not only facilitated the refinement of ideas, but also the evolution of the design system. The enhancements were meticulously documented, providing a clear and actionable guide for the development team to implement the envisioned changes effectively.


Clear ROI from design and functionality

The impact of the strategic UX/UI design overhaul at Sikoia was both immediate and profound. Through targeted product demos, the enhanced features and new functionalities resonated strongly with potential clients, leading to the acquisition of three 'whale clients,' including industry giant Salesforce.

This significant achievement not only underscored the effectiveness and appeal of the product's design and functionality, but also played a pivotal role in Sikoia meeting its annual sales targets. The success of these engagements highlights the critical role that thoughtful design plays in not just meeting, but exceeding business objectives, marking a milestone in Sikoia's journey towards becoming a leader in its sector.

Workshopped, designed and iterated 10+ features to be developed
'Whale clients' attracted through product demos, including Salesforce, contributing to meeting annual sales target
"We genuinely appreciated working with you and the time and effort you have dedicated to Sikoia. Your contributions have been very valuable and we are grateful for the work done."

Alexis Rog

CEO, Sikoia