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Skysoclear is a data-driven digital studio specialising in brand strategy and digital products. We craft distinctive and meaningful visual experiences that empower businesses to thrive and expand.

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Case study

New functionality delivered to Bikebook's customers

Bikebook is an all-in-one management app designed by mechanics, for mechanics. With Bikebook, mechanics can organise their bookings, save time and receive more enquiries.

Bikebook was looking to further develop their workshop management tool to help grow market share in a fiercely competitive industry.


  • delivered five features to development in readiness for new platform release
  • collected valuable user feedback data to form roadmap recommendations
  • added new assets to Bikebook's design system
Bikebook picture
Case study

We helped Sikoia with faster releases and a system that can scale

Customer onboarding and risk assessment made simple with no spreadsheets or vendor negotiation needed. That’s Sikoia.

We worked with Sikoia on their centralised customer data, comprehensive case management, and automated risk evaluation portal.


  • product attracted new ‘whale’ clients including Salesforce and MAB, meeting annual sales target
  • designed more than 10 features, validated with customers
  • established a design system for scale
Sikoia picture
Case study

We improved gomi's conversion rate by 500%

gomi was created with a clear sense of purpose: To make beautiful products that last.

gomi were requiring help to improve their add to cart conversion rate. They also needed advice before developing their product page to achieve an increase in revenue.

  • improvement in conversion rate of 500%
  • valuable insights from users to build into marketing roadmap
  • delivered further recommendations for growth
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What people are saying

See what our clients have to say about their experience.

“The best conversion specialist we have got to work with. Based more on logic and data, than wishful thinking, Skysoclear have been a pleasure to work with.”
Ritch picture

Pawan Saunya

Co-founder and CPO, gomi

“Their guidance in solution-finding helps teams examine the problem, making sure nothing is overlooked. This leads to better solutions and smoother launches.”
Dana picture

Dana Publicover

Founder, Publicover&Co

“They made what could be a stressful process utterly enjoyable. Consummate professionals capable of leading complex projects with multiple stakeholders.”
Paul picture

Paul Moynihan

Co-founder, Taskher

“Approach every project with enthusiasm and relentless in how the design and usability affected the end user. Always willing to go the extra mile.’
Jason picture

Jason Wheeler

VP of Technology at EF Academy

“They have always brought high quality attributes to the projects. Good design, creativity, attention to detail and an attitude enabling successful collaboration.”
Alex picture

Alex Lawrence

Co-founder, Clearhead

“Proactive, high quality professionals who  provide additional value. Understands the target audience and knows how to research, even in another culture/country.”
Piotr picture

Piotr Grabowski

Delivery Manager, akaisoft

About us picture

About us

Skysoclear is a digital services studio and was founded in 2022 by Ross Chapman.

We work with businesses to help them create and implement impactful digital strategies for their products and services. What sets us apart is our ability to connect UX design to business strategy, ensuring that every endeavour contributes directly to revenue growth.

Our team of skilled strategists, designers and researchers work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the results you need.

What makes us different

See what our clients have to say about their experience.

Challenge your brief

Gain valuable insight and expertise from us by sharing your challenge and collaborating with us to find the right solution together.

Discover customer pain points

Conducting interviews with your ideal customers gives us valuable data that can help validate or invalidate your decision making.

An extension of your team

Whether you're creating an minimum viable product (MVP) or establishing a design system, we'll build a small and nimble team around you.

Data-driven decision-making

Collecting and analysing data and using it to continually optimise strategies, demonstrate our dedication to delivering measurable results.

Proven returns through design

Every dollar invested in user experience, can expect an average return of $100, which is a return on investment of 9,900%.

Making the complex, simple

The process behind effortless experiences are often far more complex then we realise. That’s the beauty of simple design from Skysoclear.

Experience Skysoclear

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