Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie is the global insight business for renewables, energy and natural resources. Following a rebrand, they needed a design system to help consistently scale the design across all customer touch points.
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Wood Mackenzie
October 2023
Global research, consultancy and data analytics

Scale the rebrand

Wood Mackenzie were seeking a design system to help future designers and design teams work on digital assets in a consistent way. The system needed to include prototypes of commonly used website components laid out in a structured way. The in-house developer resource would then apply to components within their Optimizely CMS.


Creating consistency with a design system

Following a comprehensive rebranding effort, Skysoclear was tasked with creating a lightweight design system that would not only embody the new brand identity, but also ensure consistency and scalability across digital platforms.

Our approach involved a detailed mapping of requirements to fully understand the scope and specific needs of Wood Mackenzie. We meticulously set up brand documentation, laying the foundation for a cohesive visual language.

Designing specific components, including headers, footers, and input fields, was pivotal in crafting a user interface that was not only visually appealing but also intuitive and user-friendly.

This systematic approach allowed us to deliver a design system that was both aligned with Wood Mackenzie's rebranded ethos and equipped to support their digital presence now and into the future.


Delivering design consistency for Wood Mackenzie

In collaboration with Wood Mackenzie, Skysoclear successfully delivered a streamlined design system tailored for their unique needs. By harnessing the capabilities of Figma, we crafted and organized essential website components—ranging from headers and footers to input fields—into a coherent and accessible design system. This foundational work not only aligns with their recent rebranding efforts but also sets a new standard for consistency across their digital assets.

The design system we developed empowers Wood Mackenzie's design team to create with uniformity and precision. Furthermore, it facilitates the in-house development team's ability to seamlessly implement these designs into the Optimizely CMS, ensuring a cohesive user experience. This project lays the groundwork for future accessibility testing, ensuring that the components meet technical standards and enhance user accessibility on the website. Despite budget constraints, this partnership between Skysoclear's expertise and Wood Mackenzie's internal talent has established a robust starting point for evolving their digital presence.

Weeks of workshop, auditing and component creation with Figma variations
"We are very happy with the progress and the work so far. Look forward to the realisation of the Design System and sharing it more widely here at Woodmac!"

Amy Simpson

Product Owner, Wood Mackenzie